101 Best Aviation Attractions by John F. Purner

101 Best Aviation Attractions by John F. Purner
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Overview: From the author of The $100 Hamburger and The $500 Round of Golf comes a flight plan to the world’s greatest aviation attractions

For pilots and aviation enthusiasts who love fun and adventure, here’s a thrilling guidebook — to the best of everything touching on flight. Author John Purner satisfies your appetite for not-to-be-missed U.S. aviation events and attractions — air shows, air museums, and historic sites — with bonus foreign attractions thrown in for good measure. With patentable enthusiasm, author and pilot Purner gives you:

* No-punches-pulled, best-of-the-best listings — like the very best old time airplane museum and air show in America
* Trip-enhancing information — such as how to beat the 2-million-person crowd at the country’s most popular annual free air show
* Heads-ups on adventures you might miss — for instance, the chance to duplicate the Wright Brothers’ flight at Kitty Hawk
* A region-by-region directory of attractions
* Detailed info on where to land, stay, eat, how to get around, and what it will all cost (both budget and big buck accommodations)
* A Website where you can share your own favorites and experiences!

Whether you’re looking for a great place to go or a good excuse to fly, 101 Best Aviation Attractions is your ticket to memorable adventures.
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