101 Stumbles in the March of History by Bill Fawcett

101 Stumbles in the March of History: What If the Great Mistakes in War, Government, Industry, and Economics Were Not Made? by Bill Fawcett
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Overview: Did I do that?!When asked to name a successor, Alexander the Great declared that his empire should go "to the strongest." But would rival factions have descended into war if he’d been a little more specific?What if the Vienna School of Art took a chance on a hopeful young student named Adolf Hitler?If Pope Clement VII granted King Henry VIII an annulment, England would likely still be Catholic today-and so would America. Bill Fawcett, author of 100 Mistakes That Changed History, offers a compendium of 101 all-new mammoth mistakes-from the ill-fated rule of Emperor Darius III to the equally ill-fated search for WMDs in Iraq-that will, unfortunately, never be forgotten by history.
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