004110c8.jpgElaine Marmel, "QuickBooks Online For Dummies, 3rd Edition"English | ISBN: 1119283809 | 2017 | EPUB/MOBI | 384 pages | 8 MB/9 MB
The quickest and easiest way to make QuickBooks Online work for you
Do you want to manage your finances in the Cloud without losing your cool? Relax everything you need to manage your company's finances is at your fingertips. In QuickBooks Online For Dummies, you'll get the plain-English guidance you need to build the perfect budget, process payroll, simplify your tax return preparation, collaborate with your accountant, manage inventory and so much more.
QuickBooks freed small business owners, accountants, and bookkeepers from being chained to their desks with ledgers and journals. And now, QuickBooks Online liberates them once more bringing all the software's...