00411549.jpgLindell's List: Saving American and British Women at Ravensbr ck by Peter HoreEnglish | December 1, 2016 | ISBN: 0750966211 | MOBI, EPUB | 288 pages | 5.4 MB
Already a decorated heroine of the First World War, British-born Mary Lindell, Comtesse de Milleville, was one of the most colourful and courageous agents of the Second World War, yet her story has almost been forgotten.
Evoking the spirit of Edith Cavell, and taking the German occupation of Paris in 1940 as a personal affront, she led an escape line for patriotic Frenchmen and British soldiers. After imprisonment, escape to England, a secret return to France and another arrest, she began to witness the horrors of German-run prisons and concentration camps.
In April 1945, a score of British and American women emerged from the Women s Hell ...