IQ and Aptitude Tests

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An aptitude test is, generally, any test designed to measure potential for achievement. The word aptitude is sometimes misused to mean ‘ability’ or ‘achievement’; however, there is a subtle difference between the three words aptitude, ability and achievement, which can be distinguished as follows:
• aptitude – how quickly or easily you will be able to learn in the future;
• ability – what you are able to demonstrate in the present;
• achievement – what you have accomplished in the past.
There are nine different types of aptitude, which may be summarized as follows:
• General learning: learning and understanding, reasoning and making judgements. Example: how well we achieve at school.
• Verbal aptitude: general lexical skills – understanding words and using them effectively.
• Numerical aptitude: general mathematical skills – working with numbers quickly and accurately.
• Spatial aptitude: understanding geometric forms, and the understanding and identification of patterns and their