Illegal Banned Books Collection
WARNING! For informational purposes only!

From making gun silencers to lock picking, from growing and making drugs to passing drug tests, from killing people to even making yourself disappear forever, this collection will have your interest from beginning to end.
14 complete books from infamous publishers such as Paladin Press, Loompanics Unlimited, Desert Publications and others.
Please use these books responsibly...don't try any of this stuff!!

1. Defeating Electromagnetic Door Locks
2. Hidden Street Weapons
3. Improvised Lock Picks
4. Anarchy - ! - Anarchists Cookbook IV 4.14
5. Anarchy - Jack_the_Rippa - Murder Inc. - The Book
6. Drug - ! - Beginners Guide to Growing Marijuana
7. Drug - ! - How to Grow Psychedelic Mushrooms
8. Drug - ! - The Beginner's Guide to Hash-Growing
9. Drug - Uncle Fester - Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture (3rd ed)
10. Eden Press - 100 Ways to Disappear and Live Free
11. Firearms - Hayduke, George - Silent but Deadly - More Homemade Silencers from Hayduke the Master
12. Gombos, Justin - Fooling The Bladder Cops - The Complete Drug Testing Guide
13. Hoffman, Abbie - Steal This Book
14. Long, Hei Master - 21 Techniques of Silent Killing
These books are provided for informational purposes only! Don't be an idiot and actually try any of this stuff and then be surprised to find yourself doing time.
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