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Thread: Longman English Grammar Express (CD/ISO)

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    Default Longman English Grammar Express (CD/ISO)

    Welcome to Grammar Express—the fast way to study and learn English grammar.

    Grammar Express features

    * Short, easy-to-use four-page units

    * Grammar points presented and contextualized through cartoons, photos, and other illustrations

    * Clear Grammar Charts showing the forms of the grammar point

    * Chart Checks to help students use the grammar charts

    * Clear Grammar Explanations and Examples

    * Usage Notes telling students how English speakers use the grammar point

    * Be careful! Notes showing typical mistakes students make

    * Pronunciation Notes to help students pronounce words correctly

    * A variety of exercise types to practice the grammar points

    * SelfTests for students to check their own progress

    * Appendices with helpful lists and information

    * An Index to help students quickly find grammar points







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    thanks for the post

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