1757- East of the Cape of Good Hope by Narendra Mehra

1757- East of the Cape of Good Hope: A Never Told Fascinating Story of the Source of British wealth by Narendra Mehra
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Overview: The British quest for wealth & power plunged her in the Seven Year War (1755-1763) with France for control of the American colony and that conflict buried her deep in debt and became a war of survival. William Pitt, the British Prime Minister raided the Treasury of the Mughal Emperors in Bengal which netted Britain over one hundred billion pound sterling in Gold in today’s money. Britain won the war against Franc and during the years leading to the American Revolution and beyond, Britain extracted unprecedented amount of wealth out of Bengal by the pathology of greed and the orthodoxy of plunder and thus was born the Bank of England and the Imperial Britain.The Bengal money became the gateway to British finnce, transforming an impoverished island nation to an economic super power. The book unmasks a powerful historical event which has shaped the World ever since and it will help analyze the present and may show a path for the future.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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