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Thread: Giancoli Physics 6th Edition [Textbook and Solutions ]

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    Default Giancoli Physics 6th Edition [Textbook and Solutions ]

    Hi you guys, I was in need of this pdf when i had my examn and i thought i'd share it here because it's hard to find. Giancoli Physics 6th Edition is a good book about Physics and it explains simple and advanced physical problems with good tutorials. The file consists out of the book(1000+ pages: theory & exercices) and a solutionpdf(for the exercices in the book). Info
    Say thanks! Good luck & have fun

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    please, can you check the download link?

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    The current link is broken. Can you upload these two books again please. TIA

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    Replying my own request :

    I found another set of links for this book:[Giancoli Physics 6th Edition [Textbook and Solutions ] _pdf_.part1.rar _pdf_.part2.rar _pdf_.part3.rar

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