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Doctor Who – Dark Journey – AM Audio Media



This is a fun little series of excellent Doctor Who audio dramas from a Canadian company called AM Audio Media. Quite simply, it features our favorite time lord meeting the greatest detective in all space and time, Sherlock Holmes!

Like Broken Sea and Darker Projects, AM Audio Media is an undiscovered little jewel that quietly offers free audio plays to those who bother to look for them! As the title suggested, this is a rather dark little tale. It is not for the casual fan whose favorite episodes are the farting Slitheen from Series 9! From start to finish, this is a very dark tale about murder and mayhem as the Doctor and Sherlock Holmes track down Jack the Ripper. This gets pretty damn dark though and is not for young ears unless you want to terrify them!

This particular doctor could be from any time period. The plays are not specific, and little reference is really given to the Doctor’s past and other big events like Time Wars. I personally think that most of the performances are quite excellent. It is a shame that this series of plays is not better known, as it would make for an excellent two-part series on the television show on BBC!

The combination of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who is finally realized in this excellent series of audio plays from Canada. I encourage anyone who enjoys them to share them with as many people as possible, and to also look at the AM Audio Media website.

I’m something of an expert on the world of non Big Finish Doctor Who audio. I’ve made a hobby out of it during the last couple months after I completed my Big Finish collection. I certainly would love to share other plays with fans, or to answer any questions! For instance, I can tell you about the most "gay friendly" Who production company as well as one of the best 9th Doctor impersonator (and his adventures) out there, and even the My Little Pony/Doctor Who crossover adventures for your five year old!

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