2: Algebra, an Elementary Textbook for the Higher Classes of…

2: Algebra, an Elementary Textbook for the Higher Classes of Secondary Schools and for Colleges: Volume II (AMS Chelsea Publishing)
Publisher: American Mathematical Society
Date: 1999-05-21
ISBN-10: 0821816497
ISBN-13: 9780821816493
Language: English
Pages: 628
Added: 2018-01-24 18:22:02

In addition to the standard topics, this volume contains many topics not often found in an algebra book, such as inequalities, and the elements of substitution theory. Especially extensive is Chrystal’s treatment of the infinite series, infinite products, and (finite and infinite) continued fractions. The range of entries in the Subject Index is very wide. To mention a few out of many hundreds: Horner’s method, multinomial theorem, mortality table, arithmetico-geometric series, Pellian equation, Bernoulli numbers, irrationality of e, Gudermanian, Euler numbers, continuant, Stirling’s theorem, Riemann surface. This volume includes over 2,400 exercises with solutions. Show more Show less 41da119b2d9c05095de91e7609d22e94


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