Lisa Lelas - Simple Steps - 10 Weeks To Getting Control Of Your Life
Is your life a cluttered mess of worries, wishes, and chores that you can't keep track of?

Do you crave a sense of order, but don't know where to begin?

Based on the simple steps program featured on Oprah and The Today Show, this 301-page softcover book will teach you to soothe your soul and simplify your life in just 10 weeks.

Each week, learn a new simple step for addressing each of the key areas in your life -- your weight, your health, your living space, and your spirit. Filled with easy and empowering steps -- as well as lots of positive affirmations -- this is the perfect tool for cultivating the life you've always wanted. And you can choose either the printed format or audio recording of the book -- with your choice of either 6 CDs or 6 cassettes.

Learn to:
* Live clutter free and end the paper piles
* Regain control over your time
* Build daily habits that will renew your spirit
* Attain the body and level of health you want
* Make room for stress-free fitness in your day

Many women crave a sense of order and control, but have no idea how to attain it-and find themselves overwhelmed with a thousand daily details. Now, the women who established the popular Simple Steps program show readers how to calm and simplify their life in just ten weeks. Each week, women will learn a new Simple Step for addressing key areas in their lives: weight, health, home, and spirit. And before they know it, they'll be breathing easier...and living better than ever before.