3 Girls A Day

This system is designed to teach men how to master online dating and attract more women online.

It offers copy and paste techniques for:

– Dating on your terms
– Maneuvering from dating to sex
– Where to go on a date
– How to handle a woman’s non-responses
– Asking a woman out without risking rejection
– Recognizing if you are really liked or being lead on
– Starting a conversation that will get a woman to reply
– Using online messages and texts to intrigue her with laughter
– Attracting a woman even if she feels you are not her type

The system teaches by example, including specific repertoire to use. It aims to help men get a deeper understanding of attraction and exhibit an alpha male personality in their online profile pictures, descriptions, and messages.

Bonuses include:

– 3 Recorded Phone Conversations
– Hot Girl Perspectives Interview
– 3 Girls A Day Reference Textbook


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