3 Months to No.1 by Will Coombe

3 Months to No.1: The "No-Nonsense" SEO Playbook for Getting Your Website Found on Google by Will Coombe
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Overview: "What Can You Expect From This Book?"
Learn the SEO tactics that saw one Airline Pilot quit his flying career. The same ones he used to build a Top SEO Agency in London. 7 Years & 500 clients later, he hands you the Playbook.
“NEW Release. Not an Update or Revision. New"
Is This You?
Total SEO Virgin?
Business or Blog Owner with Big Plans?
Or Perhaps THIS is You…
Mom & Pop store owner Hard worker in need of technical knowledge Frustrated Google AdWords spender SEO professional looking for time-saving hacks Affiliate marketer SEO forum & blog reader in need of some structure
…If So, This Book Was Written For You
“Features FREE Video Series + SEO Blueprint"
What Does This Book Deliver?
Over 3 hours of invaluable ‘walk through’ video tutorials to SHOW you what to do, as well provide you with a step-by-step, week-by-week SEO Blueprint and Checklist.
If you’ve got a solid work ethic, you’re eager to learn, and your business model is sound, ‘3 Months to No.1’ will give you all the tools and know-how required to get your website to the very top of Google where the profit is.
Through a refreshingly no-nonsense plain English approach to SEO, successful London SEO Agency owner Will Coombe unveils how to…
Discover SEO’s greatest secret – that it isn’t rocket science!
Save $1000s by doing SEO yourself, or with your in-house team
Filter profitable traffic to your site
Learn what on earth to do with your social media
Effectively direct and monitor people doing SEO for you
Gain the industry knowledge to call out anyone full of ‘BS’
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