30 Under 300: Healthy, Unique Recipes Under …

30 Under 300: Healthy, Unique Recipes Under 300 Calories (gluten Free, Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Vegan)

This book offers 30 healthy, unique recipes made with natural ingredients and no sugar. Each recipe is under 300 calories, includes step-by-step baking directions, nutritional information, and vibrant pictures. The recipes are made with simple ingredients that you can find almost anywhere, as well as easy-to-understand directions. Have a particular dietary need? No problem! Every recipe comes with ingredient substitutions and directions. Dont have a full kitchen set? No worries – 30 Under 300 includes kitchen hacks and baking tips to make baking a breeze, regardless of your setup. Nearly every delicious recipe caters to dairy free and gluten free needs, with vegan options available.