Robert Beverly Hale - Artistic Anatomy | 11GB

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Realizing that the Hale lectures ought to be preserved for posterity, in 1976, before he retired, Mr. Hale's entire Monday night series of lectures was videotaped in black and white in the order that he delivered them at the Art Student's League of New York. Future generations of artists and students will be able to benefit from the vast knowledge and penetrating insights of these famous lectures, with all the warmth and wit that makes them such a memorable experience. Throughout the lectures, you see Mr. Hale demonstrating to his students the basic structure, proportions, anatomical details, function and renderings of the human figure, by way of the human skeleton and by his skillful step by step drawings.

World famous lectures on Artistic Anotomy & Figure Drawing by Robert Beverly Hale.

Lecture 1 - Rib Cage (78 Minutes)
Lecture 2 - Pelvis (81 minutes)
Lecture 3 - Leg (74 minutes)
Lecture 4 - Foot (72 minutes)
Lecture 5 - Shoulder Girdle I (77 minutes)
Lecture 6 - Shoulder Girdle ll (68 minutes)
Lecture 7 - Arm (76 minutes)
Lecture 8 - Hand (80 minutes)
Lecture 9 - Head (Skull), (80 minutes)
Lecture 10 - Head and Features (97 minutes).

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