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    Now there is no excuse. Just 15 minutes a day, for 12 weeks (with the weekends off!), will provide you with language essentials for any trip to Latin America. Whether starting from scratch or just in need of a refresher, there is no easier way to learn Latin-American Spanish - fast. Practice only 4 times a week for 3 months and master the language!

    Each week covers the language relating to a specific topic or situation. The unique visual approach makes learning quick, easy and fun. No writing or homework. Real-life examples cover every holiday and business situation.

    With people travelling abroad more each year for both business and pleasure, learning a foreign language should be top of our to do list. But how many of us have time? We just never get around to it. But all that can change with 15 Minute Latin-American Spanish. Every session starts with a warm-up exercise reinforcing past lessons and fold-over flaps enable you to hide text while you test yourself. Finally say it again panels reinforce the phrases you have learned. At the end of the week a revision page will consolidate your new language knowledge.
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    please i need this book

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    Thanks a lot

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