50 Javascript Programs, For Javascript Programmers, Learn …

50 Javascript Programs, For Javascript Programmers, Learn Javascript Fast!

"JavaScript 50 Useful Programs" is a useful book for JavaScript programmers. Using these programs, youll be able to build JavaScript projects quicker and easier than ever, you can use these programs to create a dynamic web site fast. This book can help you with: Form and validation Username and password check Filter ungraceful words Forbid copying photo or text Email format check Form submit check Movement and animation Text and visual effects Prevent malicious input Source Code for Download (The Appendix includes "JavaScript 100 Tests & Answers" for Interview) All programs have no explanations, but you can download the source code of this book. Table of Contents JavaScript 50 Useful Programs: 1. Countdown to load webpage 2. Are you sure to delete? 3. Marquee Text 4. Count how many letters 5. Search Engine 6. Select Tag 7. Time Format Conversion 8. Count you typed 9. Forbid Copying Photo 10. Check Password Strength 11. Open Your Harddrive 12. Wave Text 13. Text Advertisement 14. Web Clock 15. How much is the Price? 16. Progress Bar 17. Filter Ungraceful Words 18. Forbid Copy Password 19. World Clock 20. Encrypt Code to Number 21. Forbid copying texts 22. Check Email Format 23. Submit Only One Time 24. How much is the Price? 25. Encode the Texts 26. Select All 27. SEO by Keywords 28. Replace a Word 29. How long have you stayed? 30. Print this page 31. Disable right-click menu 32. Disable part of scripts 33. Limit wrong password 34. Words processing 35. Greeting by time 36. Twinkling Text 37. Login Page 38. Design window size 39. View Source Codes 40. Check digital input 41. Check empty input 42. Check picture uploading 43. Mouse coordinates 44. Prevent malicious input 45. Typing Effect 46. Set background color 47. Select Menu 48. Text scrolls up 49. Magnify texts 50. Five star review Appendix JavaScript 100 Tests & Answers 100 Tests 100 Answers Source Code for Download