62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer: (And Other Discarded…

62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer: (And Other Discarded Electronics)
Publisher: Workman Publishing Company
Date: 2010-02-11
ISBN-10: 0761152431
ISBN-13: 9780761152439
Language: English
Pages: 252
Added: 2015-05-05 09:20:04

Computer hacking takes on a whole new meaning when you’re going at it with a screwdriver and hammer: announcing the most wildly inventive, eco-friendly craft book on repurposing everyday objects since Generation T. Except in this case the raw material isn’t a T-shirt, but the stuff we all have lying around and have no idea what to do with, or even how to get rid of properly-your old cell phone, a broken printer, irredeemable iPod, busted digital camera, mysterious thatches of cables and wires, orphaned keyboards, and of course, those dead PCs and laptops.

Created by a Parsons design graduate who’s obsessed with navigating the intersection of art and technology, here are 62 ingenious projects that are irresistibly geek-chic. An iMac Terrarium-how cool is that? A laptop Digital Photo Frame. The impressively green Scanner Compost Bin. Plus a power strip Bird Feeder, Walkman Soap Dish, My First Squiggle Bot, Qwerty Hair Tie, Flat-screen Ant Farm. Each project has complete, step-by-step instructions, is rated by difficulty-in a thorough first chapter the author covers all the tools and skills needed to take apart electronics safely-and is arranged by use, from stuff for the house, to fashion, toys, arts and crafts, items for pets, and more.
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