63rd International Congress Of Meat Science And …

63rd International Congress Of Meat Science And Technology: Nurturing Locally, Growing Globally

This book contains over 400 offered papers which were presented at the 63rd International Congress of Meat Science and Technology, held in Cork, Ireland, from 13-18 August, 2017.Under the theme of nurturing locally, growing globally, areas covered in the congress included meat sustainability and the role of the of meat science in a challenging global environment, genetics and genomics, the science of meat quality, technological demands in meat processing from an Asian perspective, international best practice in animal welfare, scientific advances underpinning meat safety, emerging technologies in meat processing, meat science and impact, consumer aspects, meat biochemistry, advancements in meat packaging and the congress ended with a session on meat and health, with focus on sustaining healthy protein sources. This year also included a session dedicated to addressing specific hot topics of importance to the industry and meat scientists.These proceedings reflect the truly global nature of meat research and provide an insight into current research issues for the industry.