The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Shadow Souls By L. J. Smith

Publisher: HarperTeen
Date: 2010
Format: pdf,rtf,epub,lit,lrf,mobi
Language: English
Pages: 608
Size: 4.5 MB

LJ is a great writer, who's talent has grown with her many published works, and Shadow Souls was no exception. The description is so vivid, that you can imagine every little detail at any given time. Her style is also really unique and fluid. One thing I am sure of, however is that the editors of this book need to be fired immediately. I found so many errors and even a typo, which probably wouldn't bother the average reader, but as a writer, it caught me off gaurd.

I was told that the ending would throw me for a loop, which it did. Never saw that coming. But I feel that the problem could be fixed so easily that it isn't really a big deal.

A must read for fans of the series, especially if you are on Team Damon with me, Shadow Souls is sure to please. If you haven't read this series, or any by LJ Smith, I advise that you do immediately. In fact, I demand it!

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