Can You Keep a Secret?

Author(s): Sophie Kinsella
Publisher: Dell
Date: 2005 Format: pdf,rtf,epub,lit,lrf,mobi Language: English ISBN10: 0440241901
Pages: 400

The following Monday, the quiet Yank shows up at Panther Corporation. As it turns out, he's multimillionaire Jack Harper, the company CEO and one of its co-founders, who's making a tour of his European offices. Corrigan's life will never be the same. But Jack has a secret also.

Except that Emma doesn't have Becky's relentlessly spendthrift habits, the two are soul sisters. Both are young, naive, just a little ditzy, otherwise intelligent, pretty, generous, charming, kind-hearted, and with a propensity for infinite self-deception. Both are incredibly endearing despite their faults.

Author Sophie Kinsella is a genius at creating absurd situations from which her heroines must extricate themselves. Her books are gems in the genre of Humor. As I read CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET on the train to work, fellow travelers must have looked at me strangely as I occasionally giggled.

This is light reading with a capital "L", but I heartily recommend it.