Tyrannosaur Canyon

Author(s): Douglas Preston
Publisher: Forge Books
Date: 2005-08-23 Format: pdf,rtf,epub,lit,lrf,mobi Language: English ISBN10: 0765311046
Pages: 368

In this story we are introduced again to Tom Broadbent (from the Codex) as he stumbles across a dying, gunshot man. Before the man dies, he passes on a dark secret within a notebook of numbers and importunes Broadbent to see the notebook returned to his daughter. This task, difficult because Broadbent does not know who the man is, soon involves great personal peril to both Broadbent and his wife as people begin to try killing them. Lots of people actually. An entire cast of scary bad guys, from crazed ex-cons, soldiers, sociopathic creepy scientists, government agents, and others come crawling out of the woodwork looking to end the Broadbents in various terminally nasty ways, for the notebook itself turns out to be something of a treasure map. The Broadbents find help in some unlikely places and people, and make many improbable escapes as they race to determine what secrets the notebook holds and what to do when the secrets are revealed. This is a lively and fun adventure trip with a writing style that inexorably sucks you from page to page like a verbal riptide. It's tense, action-packed, crammed with scientific research, and really I liked it.