A Better Version of You by Martha Karelius

A Better Version of You: A Life-Changing Guide to Personal and Professional Fulfillment by Martha Karelius
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Overview: Do you ever wonder why you aren’t completing your to-do list? Why projects sit incomplete, or why so much is being accomplished around you, but not by you? Martha Karelius, a woman who seems to have extra hours in her day, shares her secrets for success in this simple, easy to follow "how-to" guide.

If you’re struggling with your life’s purpose, or are frustrated by not having the time to pursue your dreams, this life-changing book offers proven systems that will set you free! Martha expertly guides you through the process, demonstrating how to maximize your time and direct it to realizing your full potential. She shares what she has learned about time management and how it contributes to a rich, rewarding life. Stop trying to manage time. Instead, control what you do with it, channeling all of your efforts toward your core values and life vision.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

You will:
1. Identify your purpose
2. Set excellent goals
3. Stop procrastinating
4. Learn to prioritize
5. Make and stick to a daily plan
6. Simplify your life
Through self-organization, you can live the life you deserve. Start today with A Better Version of You.

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