A Brief History of the Soul by Stewart Goetz +

A Brief History of the Soul by Stewart Goetz, Charles Taliaferro
Requirements: .PDF reader, 1.1 MB
Overview: This book is a clear and concise history of the soul in western philosophy, from Plato to cutting-edge contemporary work in philosophy of mind.
Packed with arguments for and against a range of different, historically significant philosophies of the soul
Addresses the essential issues, including mind-body interaction, the causal closure of the physical world, and the philosophical implications of the brain sciences for the soul’s existence
Includes coverage of theories from key figures, such as Plato, Aquinas, Locke, Hume, and Descartes
Unique in combining the history of ideas and the development of a powerful case for a non-reductionist, non-materialist account of the soul
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Belief and Philosophy

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