A Murder in Gurgaon by Manish Dubey

A Murder in Gurgaon by Manish Dubey
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Overview: Gurgaon. December 2014. A young event manager, an ex-cop’s son, is murdered. Inspector Ajai Singh vows justice. There is little to begin with, and frustration mounts when the initial suspect – a reclusive woman with a mysterious past – is found missing.

Digging deeper, Singh uncovers a sordid tale of adultery, blackmail and revenge, only to find himself staring at a conspiracy unlike any he has seen.

There are deceits, little and big, to decode; the predator and victim are indistinguishable; his witnesses could be misleading; his closest ally may not be an ally at all.

Will Singh succeed? Or has the sick, wily mind behind the crime always been a few steps ahead?

Refreshingly told, with a cast of morally ambivalent characters and an accent on the minutiae of crime, A Murder in Gurgaon will keep you hooked till the very end.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction

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