A New Human by Mike Morwood

A New Human: The Startling Discovery and Strange Story of the Hobbits of Flores, Indonesia by Mike Morwood, Penny Van Oosterzee
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Overview: In October 2004, a team of Australian and Indonesian anthropologists led by Mike Morwood and Raden Pandji Soejono stunned the world with their announcement of the discovery of the first example of a new species of human, Homo floresiensis, which they nicknamed the "Hobbit." This was no creation of Tolkien’s fantasy, however, but a tool-using, fire-making, cooperatively hunting person. The more Morwood and his colleagues revealed about the find, the more astonishing it became: standing only three feet tall with brains a little larger than a can of cola, the Hobbits forced anthropologists and everyone to reconsider what it means to be human.

Morwood’s work was no ordinary academic exercise. Along the way he had to tread warily through the cultural landscape of Indonesia-he has an embarrassing mishap with some hard-to-chew pork-and he demonstrated that sometimes the life of a real archaeologist can be a bit like Indiana Jones’s when he risked his neck in an ocean-going raft to experience how ancient Indonesians might have navigated the archipelago.
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