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A Passion For Physics: Essays In Honor …

A Passion For Physics: Essays In Honor Of Geoffrey Chew

A sixtieth birthday offers an opportunity to reflect upon the achievements of a lifetime and an occasion to honor a great scientist and teacher at the peak of his career. Geoffrey Chew’s firm vision of the unity and self consistency of physical law has inspired a generation of students and colleagues. Many of them gathered in Berkeley on September 29, 1984 for a one-day symposium and banquet (entitled the "Chew Jubilee") marking his sixtieth anniversary (which actually took place on June 5, 1984). The first part of this volume collects written versions of the talks delivered at the Chew Jubilee and includes essays by other friends and colleagues. The second part contains the text of an interview with Geoff by Fritjof Capra. The title of this volume is taken from Murph Goldberger’s after-dinner talk, and it is also included here.

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