A Stranger Like Me by Kristen Chaney

A Stranger Like Me by Kristen Chaney
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 807 KB

A Private Investigator. A School Counselor / Bookstore Owner. The same face. Angie doesn’t have time to figure it out while tracking down a runaway teen who’s in danger.
Private Investigator Angie Duval lives in her RV with her over-sized, furry best friend and partner, Galaxy. She found Galaxy abandoned as a puppy out in the Eastern Oregon desert. She’s in Eugene now to locate a missing teen when she runs into herself-or, a mirror image of herself.
Her newly discovered twin sister is named Vivi Leavitt, a school counselor who co-owns a women’s boutique and bookstore with her mother.
Vivi is a perky bookworm, so basically Angie’s identical twin AND complete opposite. Or so she thinks at first.

For most twins separated at birth, it’s awesome to find the other one. But these two both know they weren’t adopted. It doesn’t make sense, except that they were lied to. Angie’s mom passed away a year ago, leaving only questions.
Angie has a teen to find, who is reportedly with a man who calls himself Demon, so she can’t drop everything and dig into her birth situation. In fact, she’s worked hard to forget her childhood and wants to walk away from this too.except she can’t. So suddenly she has two cases, and one’s a little too personal.
Angie and Vivi don’t like what they find when they start investigating their respective parents, and Angie’s missing teen case gets complicated too. The twins want to know why they were separated and lied to.but at the same time, they don’t. However, it’s starting to look like whatever happened is bigger than just them.

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