A Tempting Proposal (it Happened One Night …

A Tempting Proposal (it Happened One Night Book 4)

Giselle Mendoza never imagined she would run into a man that would make her question every aspect of her life. But that’s exactly what happens when she meets Weston Taylor at a charity event. He’s intelligent, breathtakingly attractive, fifteen years her senior and completely off limits. Wes is the sort of man that Giselle tries avoids at all cost. She’s had her heart broken before and getting involved with him will only lead to trouble. So why does she find it so hard to say no? Weston “Wes” Taylor has thought nonstop about Giselle Mendoza since the night he met her. Giselle is very reluctant to allow him the chance to get to know her better even though it’s clear that they are compatible. Unfortunately she disappears unexpectedly, leaving him with no way to contact her. As fate would have it, he runs into Giselle again a few weeks later after leaving a late business meeting. Once the elevator doors close, Wes makes Giselle a very tempting proposal. As he awaits her answer, Weston realizes that he can’t let Giselle out until she says yes.

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