Accustomed by way of Kyra Gregory

Accustomed by way of Kyra Gregory
English | 2019 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 302 KB

The combat to stay what’s hers continues.
Fresh from her victory in opposition to King Nero of Evrad, Sybelle settles into her position as Queen and with no longer a second to spare. A fleet from the Kingdom of Azura looms simply out of doors the shores of Lionessa, inching nearer and nearer with every passing day.

Upon touchdown at the sands of Lionessa, King Alessio gives Sybelle an opportunity to steer clear of the humiliation of defeat and to forfeit part of the newly-claimed land of Evrad to him. Still sour over King Alessio’s refusal to assist her in opposition to King Nero within the early days of her reign, Sybelle declines, regardless of being by way of the possibility of main her other folks into some other warfare.

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