Adobe Indesign Cs2 @work: Projects You Can …

Adobe Indesign Cs2 @work: Projects You Can Use On The Job

Adobe InDesign CS2 is a powerful, but complicated, page layout technology. Sure, learning how to use the various tools and techniques is important, but what you really need and want to know is how to put those tools and techniques to use to complete projects at work. That’s where Adobe InDesign CS2 @ Work: Projects You Can Use on the Job comes into play. The InDesign tools and basics are introduced to you in the first three chapters. After that, you will accomplish a variety of real-world job tasks with detailed instructions that allow for personalization. The projects you will learn to tackle include: Business Collateral Marketing Materials Newspaper/Magazine Ads and Posters Brochures Interactive Reports/Presentations Monthly Newsletters Product Catalogues Order Forms Annual Reports Tips, tricks and notes provide you with the information that you need to carry over what you learn in Adobe InDesign CS2 @ Work: Projects You Can Use on the Job to your job. Put your knowledge and talents to work! "I’m really impressed with Adobe InDesign @work: Projects You Can Use on the Job. Cate Indiano found just the right balance of easy step-by-step instructions and pertinent background information, including workflow, project management, and production issues. The example layouts and files are well-designed and provide real-world context for the entire book. You won’t find any fluff here – just a combination of clear and purposeful text and screenshots." Adam Pratt, Application Engineer, Adobe Systems, Inc. "Cate Indiano has produced a thorough, well thought out book. She’s an excellent instructor and her focus on making sure her readers learn what they need to know to produce work efficiently in the real world is very evident in this book." Sterling Ledet, Sterling Ledet & Associates

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