Advanced Anatomy For Artists: Draw Any Pose Or Body Type

Advanced Anatomy for Artists – Draw any Pose or Body Type
232 MB

English | 1+ hrs | Video: 720p | 232 MB

Learn Advanced Anatomy for Artists and Get the Skills to Draw a Limitless Range of Figures at Your Fingertips
Each part of this hugely informative 6-part course comes with high quality detailed diagrams to help you learn and practice your new-found skills.

You’ll learn:

How to draw figures from the front, side, and back
How to draw all the muscle groups in the arms and legs
How to draw perfect hands and feet (and if you’ve ever had difficulties drawing these, these lessons will help clear up any confusion for good.)
How to draw a wide range of different body shapes – not just the regular ‘perfect’ bodies you see in so many other anatomy guides.


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