Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology and Testing XI

Author(s): Alistair B. Forbes, Anna G. Chunovkina, Nien Fan Zhang, Franco Pavese

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Analysis of key comparisons with two reference requirements: prolonged random results meta-analysis / O. Bodnar, C. Elster Confirmation of uncertainties declared by way of kc members within the presence of an outlier / A.G. Chunovkina, A Stepanov Quantity in metrology and arithmetic: a normal relation and the Problem / V.A. Granovskii Bayesian evaluation of an errors-in-variables regression drawback / I. Lira D. Grientschnig Triangular bzier floor: from reconstruction to roughness parameter computation / L. Pagani, P.J. Scott On the classification into random and systematic results / F. Pavese Measurement fashions / A. Possolo Metrology and arithmetic: survey on a twin pair / Okay.H. Ruhm Fundaments of dimension for computationally-intensive metrology / P.J. Scott Study of drugs floor texture the usage of mallat’s scattering turn out to be / W. Sun, S. Chrtien, R. Hornby, P. Cooper, R. Frazer, J. Zhang The analysis of the uncertainty of measurements from an auto-correlated procedure / N.F. Zhang Dynamic dimension mistakes correction in sliding mode in line with a sensor style / M.N. Bizyaev, A. S. Volosnikov The wiener degradation style with random results in reliability metrology / E.S. Chetvertakova, E.V. Chimitova EIV calibration of fuel mix of ethanol in nitrogen / S. Duri, Z. Duriov, M. Dovica, G. Wimmer Models and algorithms for multifidelity / A.B. Forbes Uncertainty calculation within the calibration of an infusion pumps the usage of the comparability means / A. Furtado, E. Batista, M. C. Ferreira, I. Godinho, P. Lucas Determination of dimension uncertainty by way of Monte Carlo simulation / D. Heisselmann , M. Franke, Okay. Rost, Okay. Wendt, T. Kistner, C. Schwehn A generic incremental check knowledge generator for minimax-type becoming in coordinate metrology / D. Hutzschenreuter NLLSMH: MCMC tool for nonlinear least-squares regression / Okay. Jagan, A. B. Forbes Reduced error isolating means for pitch calibration on gears / F. Keller, M. Stein, Okay. Kniel Mathematical and statistical gear for on-line nmr spectroscopy in chemical processes / S. Kern, S. Guhl, Okay. Meyer, L. Wander, A. Paul, W. Bremser, M. Maiwald A brand new mathematical style to localize a multi-target modular explore for large-volume metrology programs / D. Maisano, L. Mastrogiacomo Soft sensors to measure somatic sensations and feelings of a humanoid robotic / U. Maniscalco, I. Infantino Bayesian strategy to estimation of impulse-radar sign parameters when implemented for tracking of human actions / P. Mazurek, R.Z. Morawski Challenging calculations in sensible, traceable touch thermometry / J.V. Pearce, R.L. Rusby Wald optimum two-sample check for right-censored knowledge / P. Philonenko, S. Postovalov Measurement / A. Possolo Sensitivity evaluation of a wind dimension filtering methodology / T. Rieutord , L. Rottner The simulation of coriolis drift meter tube actions all in favour of fluid drift and external harmonic drive / V.A. Romanov, V.P. Beskachko Indirect gentle depth distribution dimension the usage of symbol merging / I.L. Sayanca, Okay. Trampert, C. Neumann Towards sensible dimension plan the usage of class ontology modelling / Q. Qi, P.J. Scott, X. Jiang Analysis of a regional metrology group key comparability: initial consistency test of the linking-laboratory knowledge with the cipm key comparability reference worth / Okay. Shirono, M. G. Cox Stationary increment random purposes as a elementary style for the Allan variance / T. N. Siraya Modelling a top quality assurance same old for emission tracking with the intention to assess general uncertainty / T.O.M. Smith Integrating hyper-parameter uncertainties in a multi-fidelity Bayesian style for the estimation of a chance of failure / R. Stroh, J. Bect, S. Demeyer, N. Fischer, E. Vazquez Application of ISO 5725 to judge dimension precision of distribution throughout the lung after intratracheal management / J. Takeshita , J. Ono, T. Suzuki, H. Kano, Y. Oshima, Y. Morimoto, H. Takehara, T. Numano, Okay. Fujita, N. Shinohara, Okay. Yamamoto, Okay. Honda, S. Fukushima, M. Gamo Benchmarking rater settlement: probabilistic as opposed to deterministic means / A. Vanacore, M.S. Pellegrino Regularisation of central-difference means when implemented for differentiation of dimension knowledge in fall detection programs / J. Wagner, R.Z. Morawski Polynomial estimation of the measurand parameters for samples from non-Gaussian distributions in line with upper order statistics / Z.L. Warsza, S.V. Zabolotnii EIV calibration style of thermocouples / G. Wimmer, S. Duri, R. Palencr, V. Witkovsk Modeling and comparing the distribution of the output amount in dimension fashions with copula dependent enter amounts / V. Witkovsk, G. Wimmer, Z. Duriov, S. Duri, R. Palencr, J. Palencr Bayesian estimation of a polynomial calibration serve as related to a drift meter / C. Yardin, S. Amar, N. Fischer, M. Sancandi, M. Keller Dynamic dimension mistakes correction adaptive to noises of a sensor / E.V. Yurasova, A.S. Volosnikov
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