AI Supremacy by Daniel Wagner, Keith Furst (.M4B)

AI Supremacy: Winning in the Era of Machine Learning by Daniel Wagner, Keith Furst
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Overview: Artificial intelligence (AI) is having a profound impact on individuals, businesses, and governments, but what is required to get ahead and stay ahead of the AI curve is not well-understood. AI Supremacy is a comprehensive guide to AI’s impact on a societal and global level and provides a vision for how AI and machine learning will likely influence the way business is done, societies function, and governments interact in the future.
Daniel Wagner, a thought leader in risk management and current affairs, and Keith Furst, an expert in data management and financial crimes, have crafted an insightful, entertaining, and unique audiobook that takes listeners on a wild ride through the canyons and valleys of AI to examine many of its most important subtopics. From globalization to jobs, financial services to the role of governments, the nexus with cyber risk to spying, and from China’s quest to international relations, the authors have delved deeply into the subject matter.
The race for AI supremacy is about more than establishing a competitive position in the global marketplace for innovative applications and technological prowess – it is about anticipation, adopting the right mind-set, and having the right resources, a futuristic orientation, and the ability to execute. While few organizations and governments have achieved the right mix to lead in the race for AI supremacy, those that have already possess a substantial lead. Those that have not are simply falling further and further behind.
Can those that are not already in the race get in the race with any realistic hope of catching up? Can those who are already in the race ever catch up with the leaders? Who will win in the end? Should AI be feared or embraced? These are among the many questions Wagner and Furst explore in this enticing audiobook.
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