Air Commandos Against Japan by William T. Y’Blood

Air Commandos Against Japan: Allied Special Operations in World War II Burma by William T. Y’Blood
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Overview: In 1943 the U.S. Army Air Forces created what would become the Air Commandos, a unit that marked a milestone in tactical operations in support of British ground forces invading Burma. William T. Y’Blood tells the story of how these daring American aviators trained and went into combat using unconventional hit-and-run tactics to confuse the enemy and destroy their lines of communication and supply. The force comprised light planes to evacuate wounded, transports to move heavy cargo, fighters, gliders, helicopters, and more than five hundred men. The book describes how this top-secret force successfully attacked the enemy from the air, resupplied British commandos on the ground, and airlifted the wounded out of the battle area eventually driving the Japanese out of Burma.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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