Aldershot In The Great War (your Towns …

Aldershot In The Great War (your Towns And Cities In The Great War)

The first book written about Britains premier army base in the First World War. The book contains and explores the following: The first published record of the troops in Aldershot on 4 August 1914. The first published list of officers and men from Aldershot killed in the war. Lists the dead from WWI in Aldershot Cemetery. Outlines the activities of crucial figures in the War such as Smith-Dorrien, Haig and French in Aldershot in the period before the War. Traces the growth development of aircraft manufacture at Farnborough under the guidance of Mervyn OGorman from a balloon factory to major aircraft manufacture. Highlights the changes in the social fabric of Aldershot during the war. Records the experience of Aldershot as a premier training base through the eyes of Anthony Eden, Wilfred Owen and men of all ranks.