Alex Nerney & Lauren McManus – Pro Blogger Bundle

Alex Nerney & Lauren McManus – Pro Blogger Bundle
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Our blogging career started with a big fat failure…

Hey guys! We’re Alex and Lauren, co-owners of two blogs: and

While most bloggers would probably not openly talk about this stuff, our first blog failed, HARD.

It’s a tough pill to swallow, but it’s the truth.

Not every blog starts off the right way or become successful – actually, the majority don’t!

We had lots of excitement for our blog and energy for our ideas, but we never felt like we got anywhere. We felt like we we just spinning our wheels and "hoping" it would work.

The worst part – we spent a TON of money on things we didn’t need.

Things other bloggers and entrepreneurs told us we had to have…

It’s not all doom and gloom though.

It was through these experiences that we learned how to successfully launch a blog the right way.

Fast forward to today, and we have successfully launched not just one blog, but two different blogs in completely different niches + two YouTube Channels!
We took all the lessons we learned and built a second health and wellness blog,, which was successfully launched in less than 1 month!

our six-figure blog Avocadu

– By the end of our 1st month, we successfully launched and built our blog from scratch!

– By the end of our 3rd month, we had 300,000+ visitors and readers and had and quit our full-time jobs!

– By the end of our 6th month, we had made $17,163.98 with our blog!

– By the end of our 1st year, we had made $103,467.98 blogging and got to travel the world!

Our third blog,, was also successfully launched in less than 14 days!

six-figure blog Create and Go

– By the end of our 1st month, we successfully launched and built our blog from scratch!

– By the end of our 3rd month, we had 30,000+ monthly visitors and had made our first product!

– Currently… We are making over $50,000/month with this blog alone!

We went from $0 blogging to making over $50,000 per month from our blogs� in less than two years�

It might sound insane, but Lauren and I started in the exact same seat as where many of you are sitting in now. We started from $0.

Non. Nada. Zilch. In fact, it was less than $0, because of the money we were spending trying to educate ourselves on blogging.

Yet, despite ourselves and our colossal and constant errors, in our first year, we were able to progress into this�

Stripe Earnings:
blog income on our journey to becoming pro bloggers

Paypal Earnings:
paypal income on our journey to becoming pro bloggers

Those are snapshots from our first year blogging. where we made over $103,457.98 with our health and fitness blog.

Note that the above income reports reflect more than the $103,457, because we have our some other sales from our health and fitness Youtube Channel in that mix as well.

Our health and fitness blog,, was registered on Sep 25, 2015, and a year later on Sep 25, 2016, that�s how much money we had earned! Over 90% of the total sales volume came from sales of our digital products and services.

It was amazing, and we were perfectly content with how it had progressed already� But it didn�t stop there!

Actually, it got wayyyy better over time… These are the monthly reports from our health and fitness blog, Avocadu, for just ONE month (March 2017).

Stripe Earnings:
additional blog income from our six-figure blog

Paypal Earnings:
additional blog income from our six-figure blog

We are currently make over $20,000/month with our health and fitness blog, and the income that we make on Create and Go puts us over the $50,000/m mark, which is just mind-boggling to us!

Plus, more importantly than making money is what the money has done for us and the experiences it has allowed us to have! The life it has shown us�

pro blogger bundle includes the strategies that allowed us to travel the world

We�ve gotten to travel to Machu Picchu, Bali, and all over the world because of blogging. It has allowed us incredible time and life freedom that we really never dreamed of…

You can accomplish all of this and more with our discounted Beginner Blogger Bundle!

This bundle includes all FOUR of our successful blogging courses, including…

1. How to Build and Launch Your Blog

2. How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog and Monetize with Affiliate Marketing and Other Strategies

3. How to Drive SERIOUS Traffic to Your Blog with Pinterest

4. How to Earn Six Figures From Your Blog by Creating and Selling Digital Products and Services

[Each course in the bundle also is over 20% off!]
Meet Mikala from San Antonio, Texas!

Mikala is a mother of 3 who purchased the Pro Blogger Bundle and had her blog launched two weeks later. Then she went on to sell her first 10 products JUST 7 days after launching (none were friends or family). Make sure to check out her incredible story:

"100k views in less than 4 months! I had zero knowledge of blogging… just a passion for fitness and love writing. I bought the Pro Blogger Bundle Course from Create and Go. It helped me build, launch, and monetize my blog… and start creating my own digital products! This course is GOLD!"


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