Alex Unlimited series by Dan Jolley

Alex Unlimited series by Dan Jolley (#1-2)
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Overview: A Georgia native, Dan Jolley is an American author who writes novels, video games, and comic books, collects unmotivated felines, and should really go to the gym more. His first original novel trilogy, the YA sci-fi/espionage "Alex Unlimited," was published in 2007. In 2016 he launched two new series, the superhero noir "Gray Widow Trilogy" and the Middle Grade urban fantasy series "Five Elements." His comics work includes DC Comics’ Firestorm, Eisner Award nominated JSA: The Unholy Three, and TokyoPop’s The Lost Warrior, an extension of the Warriors novel series by Erin Hunter; his video games include Transformers: War For Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron, Dying Light, and Chronos. Dan and his wife, Tracy, live somewhere in the northwest Georgia foothills.
Genre: Fiction>Science Fiction > Young Adult > Comics & Graphic Novels

Alex Unlimited, Vol. 1: The Vosarak Code
Able to summon parallel-dimension versions of herself equipped to handle any task, eighteen-year-old Alex Benno resents that she never gets any credit for the spectacular feats she accomplishes while working for a secret government spy agency.

Alex Unlimited, Vol. 2: Split-Second Sight
Amy Titus, a spacey, new age hippie chick in San Francisco, could potentially compromise national security if she can really do what she says–talking to the parents who died and left Alex an orphan so long ago–but can Alex track down the suddenly-missing Amy Titus?

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