Alexander’s Day Game Phone Game

Alexander’s Day Game Phone Game
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Introducing: Alex’s Daygame Phone Game
What is "Daygame Phone Game" You Ask?

My Name’s Alex.

I have been teaching men of all types and all ages for the past 11 years. on how to improve in every aspect of their dating life. I’ve worked in this crazy mode around 300 days out of the year and traveled to some of the most remote places in the world. Trust me when I say. I have seen it all.
The secret to my game is very straight-forward, it’s purely about learning how to manifest a ~ Censored ~ load of fun WHEREVER you are and creating a win-win situation for you and the girl. I repeat.
No manipulation, No scripts, nothing you need to memorize. Just learning to truly understand how to completely express yourself in the best way possible.
Imagine your game, your understanding of the social mess we live in, gets to such an immense depth, that people ASSUME you were always a natural. They assume you are much better looking than you really might be. They assume all these incredible positive qualities. but Why?
Because you are constantly showing them the best YOU. Then as a result they only focus on your best qualities, constantly.

That is my life at the moment.
I was never the guy you see speaking in-front of you today. I was much different. Introverted – unable to express myself. I barely had 3 friends very less a real "best friend". Things were very different than what the world assumes of me now.
Before I became an online dating coach, I was studying to become a psychologist. I wanted to really help people that had gone through hard times growing up as I did. So obviously after I became a dating coach, I began breaking down every student’s behavior and showed them what exactly is stopping them from getting the results and life they want.
Now listen, I’ve been teaching hundreds of students in person and thousands online, every year. and I’ve been doing this for almost a decade – you do the math.
I studied every student and every student taught me something new, but to be honest.

The biggest sticking points were always the same.
Almost every student was doing the same few things wrong.
And chances are.. Whatever is holding you back right now from being the man you could be- whether it’s a small subtlety or a blatant mistake – I’ve probably seen it before.
and fixed it.

So I sat down and put together everything I had, every piece of knowledge and experience. Every failure, mistake and sticking point I’ve seen out there.
And then I broke down my own brain, every single detail that makes me Who I Am.
About how I think and how I act, I created a program that covers literally EVERYTHING there is to natural game. from every possible angle.
To make you the dream guy for any girl.

To make it seem like you aren’t even trying and yet they all want you.
To be the center of attention wherever you might go.
To finally bring out the true YOU and have people love you for it.

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