Amazing Guitar Secrets Video, Audio and eBook Tutorials

Created, and taught by Dan Denley, a professional guitar instructor, Amazing Guitar Secrets is great value for the money when compared with other learn guitar dvd programs. The program is designed for all levels of guitar players (beginner through intermediate) and caters to both acoustic and electric guitar players. Dan takes you through 2 DVD’s worth of video lessons covering:

Chords: across the entire neck (major, minor, barre, and open position). Although he doesn’t just stop at teaching you the chords he also gets into progressions and keys. This is something that many guitar lesson products don’t touch on. Progressions are basically how to create a progression of chords that fits together. This is a must if you intend on jamming with others, or writing any of your own songs.

Scales: Amazing Guitar Secrets teaches you scales in all positions on the neck. Along with the different keys. This works well with the progressions and chords, you will know what scales you should be playing for different chord progressions allowing you to easily create your own solos and hooks over top of different chords.

Dan also has a unique approach for learning any song you hear on the radio or your favorite CD’s. He has five techniques he teaches you in order to learn songs by ear and pick up the chords progressions easily. For anyone wanting to learn top 40 hits and sing along while playing this is one thing that other dvd guitar lessons don’t touch on.