American Breakdown by David Bromwich

American Breakdown: The Trump Years and How They Befell Us by David Bromwich
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Overview: How Trump got to the Oval Office-and how both parties and the mainstream media are keeping him there
Donald Trump’s residency in the White House is not an accident of American history, and it can’t be blamed on a single cause. In American Breakdown, David Bromwich provides an essential analysis of the forces in play beneath the surface of our political system. His portraits of political leaders and overarching narrative bring to life the events and machinations that have led America to a collective breakdown.

The political conditions of the present crisis were put in place over fifty years ago, with the expansion of the Vietnam War and the lies and coverups that brought down Nixon. Since then, every presidency has further centralized and strengthened executive power. The truly catastrophic event in American life was the invention by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney of the War on Terror, designed to last for generations. Barack Obama’s practice of “reconciliation without truth”-sparing CIA torturers and Wall Street bankers-deepened the distrust and anger of an electorate that has rallied around Trump.
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