American English Slang | Expressions for Daily Life

American English Slang | Expressions for Daily Life
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Speak like a native English speaker and handle real English conversations easily (listening and expressing yourself).

What you’ll learn

Feel confident in conversations with native English speakers
Master native English expressions for everyday situations
Get useful English study methods and tips
Improve your English listening skills
Learn lots of bonus vocabulary and phrases


A positive attitude and an open mind
Some way to take notes and write down examples


The fact is, written English and spoken English are very different. It’s probably the reason you’re here looking at this course. You may also be wondering, "What is the best way to learn spoken English?"

If you want to master real native English expressions, you have to learn by example, and that’s the focus of this course. In each lesson of this course, we will carefully go over the most common daily English expressions that native English speakers use when talking with each other. Here’s the lesson structure:

Learn the correct pronunciation of the expression

Understand the meaning and background

Learn the various uses and meanings of the expression

Look at real-life examples, in context

You will be able to deeply understand each expression and also learn how to use it in your daily life!

You won’t just learn English idioms in this course, you’ll master them, and if you feel uncertain about anything you’re learning through the course, I will answer any questions you have.

I hope to see you in the first lesson!


Who this course is for:

English learners who want to confidently speak English at a native level
Anybody who wants to understand native spoken English
This course is not for native English speakers

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