An Herbalist’s Guide to Growing by Kathleen Brown

An Herbalist’s Guide to Growing & Using St. John’s Wort by Kathleen Brown
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Overview: Don’t Mix Medications
Many herbalists discourage the use of St.-John’s-wort with other antidepressants, particularly Prozac. No studies have been published on the efficacy of using St.-John’s-wort with other antidepressants, but any use of this herb in combination with another medication should be closely monitored by your primary medical practitioner.
A Word of Caution
While many benefits are associated with St.-John’s-wort, there are also some concerns about taking this herb over too long a period oftime. Medical supervision is suggested for any long-term use (beyond 8 months). Taking large doses or using St.-John’s-wort for extended periods could cause the following:
Inflammation of mucous membranes and toxic reactions
Photosensitivity (a sensitivity to sunlight)
Nausea, insomnia, weakness, and edginess
There has not been enough study to conclusively prove the safety of St.-John’s-wort for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and their children. Therefore, I recommend that pregnant and nursing women avoid using St.-John’s-wort until more research has been conducted.
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