AND BROTHER IT’S STARTING TO RAIN via Jake Needham (Samuel Tay #5)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 712 KB

SAMUEL TAY has retired from Singapore CID. It wasn’t solely his thought, however that is some other tale. John August is a man who has stored Tay’s butt greater than as soon as through the years. He’s an American who might or won’t do one thing for the CIA.
Now August desires to gather on all the ones favors Tay owes him. He wishes Tay’s assist to research a murder.
‘Whose murder?’ Tay asks. ‘Mine,’ August replies.
Tay’s little internal voice is shouting at him to not become involved. He’s a cop, he assists in keeping telling himself, now not a undercover agent – smartly, a minimum of he was a cop – however he is bored and curious so how can he face up to? Apparently, there is a lady who is aware of who attempted to kill August, and that is the reason a excellent position to start out if handiest Tay can determine who she in fact is.
When Tay selections up the lady’s path, he follows her first to a seaside lodge at the coast of Thailand this is certainly one of the vital infamous cities on earth, after which directly to Washington DC, some other the town this is similarly infamous, even if most likely for rather other causes.
Tay does not need to pass to Washington since he does not like Americans very a lot, however he is onto a homicide plot that lies proper on the middle of the American intelligence status quo, and Washington is the place all of the solutions are.
Washington does not frighten Samuel Tay. He’s the type of guy who lives to blow away the smoke and wreck the mirrors. This time, then again, Tay goes up in opposition to individuals who could also be too robust to be uncovered, individuals who know precisely how to offer protection to themselves.
They’ll kill Sam Tay if he will get too as regards to the reality.