Andreea Laura Parlafes – How to make Business Cards like a Pro

Andreea Laura Parlafes – How to make Business Cards like a Pro

All that you must know in designing a business card regardless of your knowledge in design.

This course will teach you to all you need to know to design a business card:

What programs to use (Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw and Microsoft Word)
What are the elements of a business card (the bleed, the trim zone, the safe zone and the text zone),
What orientation: portrait or landscape.
What information you put: the name of Business or Organization, the name of Individual, the job title, the address, the phone number.
How you arange the information
How you design a business card (how you choose color, fonts, sizes, images, types of business card),
How and where you can sell,
How to be inspired and promote your work,
Tips and tricks in design the business card and more.
The course will introduce you to the terminology and the programs you can use to make business cards. It is a course for beginners but it helps you even if you have an average knowledgeable in graphic design.The course contain: 8 video tutorials (of approximately 30 minutes) and 5 documents with more information for those who want to know more.This course is for you if you want to start designing business cards or you want to improve the way you do business cards
What are the requirements?

you will learn to use 3 programs for your business cards, you will download only the programs with which you want to work
As long as you practice you will become more good at it
What am I going to get from this course?

Over 13 lectures and 45 mins of content!
Know what programs to use to make business cards
Know which are the elements for printing business card
How you choose the orientation
What information you put on the business card
How you arrange the information on the business card
How you choose the: font, size, colors, images, design and effects for the business cards
On what sites you can sell the business card
On what sites you can get inspiration for your business card
How to make a mockup
What is the target audience?

beginners in graphic design
No prior programming knowledge is needed
if you want to know to make your own design of business card
if you want to enlarge your knowledge in graphic design for business cards
if you want to be better on making business cards