Androgens and Reproductive Aging


The subject of androgen treatment in reproductive aged women and men is attracting increasing interest from specialists in reproduction medicine, endocrinology and primary care providers, as well as from patients and the media. The first book to cover androgen replacement in men and women, Androgens and Reproductive Aging addresses the emotive topics of reproductive aging, the menopause and the use of androgen supplements to mitigate their effects. Edited by two leading authorities in reproductive medicine and infertility, and boasting an all-star cast of authors, this comprehensive text covers: * androgen production in the healthy male and female * the decline of androgen production during aging, with the associated effects on body composition and libido * the benefits and potential side-effects of androgen replacement therapy. Ideal for a wide range of clinicians and scientists interested in reproductive aging, the menopause, hormone replacement and androgen therapy, as well as obstetricians, gynecologists and family practitioners, this unique text is a highly important addition to literature in the area. GET IT FREE HERE ALTERNATIVE LINK

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