Android Kotlin Development Masterclass using Android Oreo

Android Kotlin Development Masterclass using Android Oreo

What Will I Learn?

You’re taught step by step HOW to build Android apps for Google’s Oreo platform using Kotlin that will work on older Android versions.
With each comprehensive step, the WHY you’re doing it is explained.
You’ll have EXPERT LEVEL knowledge of the Kotlin programming language and know exactly how each process of Android Oreo development works.
The course is continually UPDATED, so you’ll learn the very latest as Android Oreo evolves.
NEW CONTENT is always being added, and you’re covered with full lifetime access to the course.
SUPPORT is mind blowing – questions you have are answered that day.
The EXPERTISE to be an Android Oreo Kotlin app developer as taught by the best.
The skills you’ll learn are in HIGH DEMAND. You’ve learned to program like an expert. Go get that job!

245 Lectures
Introduction and Course Information
4 Lectures 29:01
Downloading and Installing the Necessary Tools
9 Lectures 01:18:01
Hello World Android App
8 Lectures 01:23:45
Kotlin Tutorials
24 Lectures 04:31:20
The Button Counter App
25 Lectures 04:37:46
Calculator App
18 Lectures 03:57:06
The Top 10 Downloader App
23 Lectures 05:13:27
The YouTube app
14 Lectures 02:40:58
Flickr Browser App
43 Lectures 08:24:32
Databases, the SQL Language and SQLite on Android
33 Lectures 05:32:34
ViewModel and LiveData
10 Lectures 01:39:29
TaskTimer App
31 Lectures 06:27:53
Bonus Material
3 Lectures 11:34

1) Join the Files with Free Splitter v5 if extension ends with chunk00
2)Save the file as a .rar extension
3) Extract the archives with Winrar 5 with password
Password: Golden_Plaza

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