Animal Anatomy via Sophie Corrigan

Animal Anatomy: Sniff Tips, Running Sticks, and Other Accurately Named Animal Parts via Sophie Corrigan
Requirements: .PDF reader, 17 MB
Overview: Sophie Corrigan inspires everybody’s inside zoologist on this charmingly illustrated and wittily worded menagerie. Each critter featured on this amusing e book is tagged with utterly fictitious but comically correct anatomical labels, from a tree frog’s "clingy jazz palms" and a raccoon’s "sneaky bandito masks" to a velociraptor’s "disembowly prowlies" and plenty of extra. Rife with animal puns, crowd pleasing bonus artwork, fascinating animal details, and laugh-out-loud labels that beg to be shared, Animal Anatomy will convey smiles to animal fanatics of every age.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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