Annual Plant Reviews, Plant Cell Separation And …

Annual Plant Reviews, Plant Cell Separation And Adhesion

Cell separation is an important process that occurs throughout the life cycle of a plant. It enables the radicle to emerge from the germinating seed, vascular tissue to differentiate, sculpturing of leaves and flowers to take place, pollen to be shed from the mature anther, fruit to soften, senescent and non-functional organs to be lost, and seeds to be shed. In addition to its intrinsic scientific interest, many of the developmental processes to which it contributes have importance for agriculture and horticulture. This is the first volume to focus exclusively on these processes and to link improvements in our scientific understanding with methods that may allow us to manipulate cell separation and adhesion to the benefit of the agricultural and horticultural industries. It will therefore be of interest to the experimental scientist and to those who wish to apply these techniques commercially.

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